Q1: Torch2.0/Glow chamber coil not working


When the chamber coil cannot be heated, you can use a new chamber to see  if it is the chamber that is not working.

If device works normally with replacement coil, then it means that the original coil is not working.

Chamber coil problem: Clean the chamber thoroughly, then assemble it back after drying it completely, and retest whether the device can work normally.

Device problem: After replacing the new chamber coil, it still cannot heat, which means that there is a problem with the device. It may be a short circuit of the battery, please take a video and send it to customer service for a replacement (1-year warranty).


Q2: Slidr coil not working/crack

A2: Buy a new Slidr coil.


Q3: Slidr not heating when inhaling

A3: Pull out the glass mouthpiece, Inject alcohol from mouthpiece holder into the pipe (be careful not to overfill it), and keep the Slidr upright for 5 minutes. Pour out the alcohol after 5 minutes, and try to vape after the alcohol inside the product evaporates.


Q4: The product can’t be charged normally


If your products are:

Unable to charge normally, but the indicator light is normal;

Unable to charge normally, but the indicator light is not on.

Either way, it’s a device failure. If it is within the warranty period, please contact customer service for replacement.


Q5: How often do you replace the heat chamber coil?

A5: If you use it frequently, we recommend replacing the heat chamber coil every 2-3 weeks.


Q6: How to clean the coil? Can I just soak them in water?

A6: Clean it with q-tip dipped in isopropyl alcohol or soak it in isopropyl alcohol.

Don’t soak the chamber coil in the water unless you can make sure to dry the chamber completely, otherwise it will cause short circuit.


Q7: The product button is stuck

A7: Please take photos & videos and send them to customer service. After confirmation, a replacement will be sent.

Q1: Why can’t I pay successfully?


Please confirm whether you have filled in the correct billing information, credit card number information and CVN information;

Credit cards payment failure due to high risk: You can send an email to with the order information and let us to re-collect the payment.

If it still fails, please use another credit card for the payment.


Q2: Can I apply for a refund after placing an order?

A2: You can apply for a refund after payment.

However, since the payment has already been made to the bank, the bank will charge (6.6%-8%) handling fee when refunding.


Q3: Does RELEAFY provide wholesale services for business clients?

A3: Yes, we provide wholesale service for shops and wholesalers. You can view wholesale discounted prices on products by signing up for a wholesaler account.

Registration address:


Q4: The coupon code can’t be used


Coupon code cannot be used: please send the email to the customer service for help;

Event promotion coupon code cannot be used: because the promotion time has expired, please remember to use the code during the promotion.

Q1: Why is my order not shipped?

A1: First, please confirm whether your order has been paid successfully.

Second, orders that are placed on Friday, weekends and holidays, we will arrange delivery on the first working day after work.

Finally, if we have not updated the order information, you can contact us through the online chat tool and provide the order number, and we will send you the logistics information.


Q2: How long will it take for my order to be shipped?

A2: Orders placed before 5:00 AM EST on weekdays will ship the same day, and orders after 5:00 AM EST will ship the next day.

Orders placed Friday through Sunday EST will ship on next Monday.

If the order is placed on holidays, we will arrange delivery on the first working day after the holiday.


Q3: Which logistics is my order shipped by?

A3: Send USPS by default

Track my order:


Q4: What should I do if I fill in the wrong delivery address?

A4: You can contact USPS: +1 800-275-8777 for address modification;

Or please contact our customer service to provide your correct delivery address, we will try our best to negotiate with USPS logistics to deliver to the correct address;

If the parcel cannot be delivered correctly due to an incorrect address, USPS will return the package and we will arrange a second delivery.


How to contact?

Customer service hours are: Sunday 20:00 pm ET to Friday 5:30 am EST. You can contact us by telephone, email, online chat, and submitting a question form.

Phone: +86 181-2387-4872


Submit a question form link:


What’s Your Warranty Policy?

RELEAFY provides free replacements for defective RELEAFY-branded device within one year from the date of purchase.

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